• PM360 What Prescribers Really Want

    PM360, Feb 10, 2015

    As many of you are aware, in 2014 LDM Group and PDR Network merged, and the combined company now hosts the largest network of EMRs in the United States. Bringing together two industry leaders within the dynamic health IT and healthcare industries has been an incredible experience for all of us at the “new” PDR, and the merger has provided many opportunities for us to speak with clients, partners and industry colleagues about the future of healthcare in the U.S. I’ve been asking individuals and organizations about their most pressing needs and the areas of greatest opportunity for prescribers and patients. Throughout those conversations, one word has been coming up over and over: Engagement.

    With that in mind, I plan to make EMR-enhanced engagement the central theme of this column throughout 2015. My colleagues at PDR have armed me with some interesting information to kick things off, pulled from our recently released 2014 Prescriber Engagement Index (PEI). Now in its second year, the PEI is our proprietary annual survey of EMR-adopting prescribers and is designed to measure both how and how actively prescribers engage with their EMR systems. It is focused specifically on activities prescribers are successfully completing before, during and after a patient visit. Knowing this information can help you better understand how EMRs are being used within the prescribers’ workflow, which in turn helps pharmaceutical manufacturers create better, more meaningful communications. And that, of course, has a very positive effect on engagement.

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