• Engaging Providers in Workflow to Positively Influence Prescribing Behavior

    ePrescribing has transformed the practice of medicine and impacted how prescribers access and use information. With over 300,000 contracted prescribers and 150 partners, PDR's unprecedented reach and innovative support makes PhysicianCare a flexible, real-time conduit to behavior-based messaging in workflow through provider' eRx/EMR/EHR system

    Messages are presented in workflow based on prescriber behavior, right when it matters most. PhysicianCare integrates seamlessly with a variety of technical platforms and workflow designs, and may surface on medication search pages, Rx creation/writer/request pages, SIG and quantity pages, or patient summary pages. Program analyses demonstrate the efficacy and ROI for each program.

    Prescriber Behavior Drives Content Delivery
    • Clinically relevant content delivered through prescriber's trusted digital clinical system at point-of-prescribing
    • Effective engagement in key visual positions without disrupting workflow
    • Trustworthy, digestible messaging with option to include full PI and ISI

    Sponsored Messaging Opportunities
    • New indications and treatment guidelines
    • Formulary coverage and updates
    • Adjunctive therapies and treatment options
    • Financial offers/coupons and discounts
    • Brand benefits
    • Article abstracts and reprints