• "It's from PDR"
    >70% of Physicians Report They Will Change Behavior When PDR Delivers

    PDR's proven Healthcare Solutions offers high-performing, turn-key communication tools to turn your messages into provider and patient action in areas key to sustained PBM and Health Plan performance including:

    • Medication adherence
    • Mail service/home delivery optimization
    • Specialty pharmacy utilization and
    • Gaps in care (such as the use of ACEIs/ARBs in diabetes and hypertension)

    PDR offers the largest national network of provider-patient communication solutions for payers including:

    • Point-of-Prescribing Communications—for MDs, DOs, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians’ Assistants and their patients
    • Point-of-Dispensing Communications—for Pharmacists and their patients
    • Patient Communications—personalized and delivered to the patient from their health care providers to change health behaviors

    PDR's Healthcare Solutions are ready to go to work for you—helping to change patient and prescriber behavior to achieve patient + sponsor goals. Whether you want to make your insights from "Big Data" analytics actionable or to ensure that your Star ratings remain strong—PDR's Payer Solutions can help now.

    To learn more about the tools in the PDR Healthcare Toolkit, contact PDR Sales today.