• How to Engage with Patients to Influence Behaviors that Increase Adherence to Prescribed Therapies
    • ScriptGuide is triggered when a prescriber generates an electronic prescription during a medical encounter, producing a personalized message containing valuable and relevant resources for the patient. Messaging is designed tdrive the behavior tfill prescriptions and stay on therapy.
    • eCopay delivers financial offers at the point-of-prescribing via the provider's eRx/EHR/EMR system.
      Financial offer based messaging is delivered t:
      • Prescribers via eRx/EHR/EMR system at point-of-prescribing
      • Patients via print or other preferred method (HCP selects email, patient portal or text-t-link/SMS)
      • Pharmacies via electronic prescription transfer or hard copy script with aut-injected adjudication information intthe eRx
    • ConsumerCare delivers national brands' consumer health offers and coupons for health and personal care products tpatients at the point-of-care or point-of-sale. Messaging encourages continued use and loyalty. Alsavailable via custom coupon gallery/online savings portal.
    • CarePoints messages containing educational information, refill reminders, and financial support are delivered at the point-of-dispensing via the in-store printer. Calls to action are behavior-based to positively influence patient behavior at the optimal time (first fill, refill, between fill, lapsed).
    • CareMail engages patients at home via direct mail with behavior-based refill reminders and educational information. Also branded to the retailer to increase patient affinity and loyalty.

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