• A real-time, highly targeted messaging system, which delivers personalized educational information to consumers

    PDR's ConsumerCare messaging system DELIVERS THE RIGHT MESSAGE TO THE RIGHT CONSUMER AT THE RIGHT TIME AND PLACE. ConsumerCare provides access to health-conscious consumers at the point-of-care and at the point-of-sale.

    ConsumerCare – Physicians
    • Accessing over 250,000 physicians
    • Deliver targeted, personalized messages
    • Handed to the patient by the physician
    ConsumerCare – Pharmacy
    • Accessing over 18,000 pharmacies
    • PDR patented messaging system qualifies the consumer
    • Targeted message is personalized and delivered in pharmacy by trusted source, Pharmacist

    ConsumerCare is delivered by the most trusted healthcare professionals:
    Physicians and Pharmacists

    • ConsumerCare Targeting
      ConsumerCare lets you select the appropriate consumers, through behavior-based targeting
      • Age
      • Gender
      • Targeted medication
      • Medication history
      • Comorbidity
    • Delivering Targeted Messages
      ConsumerCare provides brands an incremental touchpoint with highly targeted consumers
      • Brand-specific messaging customized to targeting trigger
      • Delivers the right message to the right consumer at the point-of-care and the point-of-sale
    • Expand Your Brand's Reach
      • Leverage the physician and pharmacist, the most trusted healthcare professionals, to help drive your sales and market share
      • Unique opportunity to deliver targeted educational messages directly to the consumer
    • The PDR Physician / Pharmacy Network
      • Significant access to both independent and national chain pharmacies
      • Connected to over 60 chains and partners
      • Unparalleled HCP reach and targeting
      • Accessed through trusted eRx/EMR/EHR system
    To learn more about PDR ConsumerCare, contact PDR OTC-CPG Sales contact today.