• Highly Targeted, Personalized Messaging to Over 90,000 Pharmacists

    PDR links brands to more than 90,000 Pharmacists, accessible via targeted, customized email communications. PDR's delivery of important brand and educational information connects with the right audience every time. Sponsorship opportunities include exclusivity, and 100% share of voice (SOV)1,2. Sponsors have a variety of options regarding messaging and frequency that best accomplishes business objectives.

    Proprietary market research shows that pharmacists who receive messages from PDR have a high level of trust that the content will be relevant and valuable to their daily practice.

    Offering the ability to reach more than 18,000 pharmacies in store and 90,000 pharmacists via email
    • Multichannel Messaging Strategy
      • Unprecedented access to pharmacists to maximize total reach
      • Deliver content on in-store printer and reinforce via email
      • Deliver content via email and reinforce brand message
    • Messaging Opportunities
      • New product or formula
      • Product information / education
      • Important announcements
    To learn more about these tools, contact PDR OTC-CPG Sales contact today.
    1. Product messages must be consistent with FDA labeling, if applicable.
    2. All ads must not negatively impact the PDR brand or jeopardize any good will PDR has with the users of the PDR Properties.