• Increasing Compliance Across the Continuum of Care

    PDR offers an extensive suite of compliance, educational and promotional products that build sales, patient loyalty and improve health outcomes

    PDR helps our pharmacy partners to improve both health results and financial results—by delivering solutions that make it easy for your pharmacists to motivate patients to fill their prescriptions and continue therapy.

    • CarePoints messages containing patient educational information, refill reminders, and financial offers are delivered at the point-of-dispensing via the in-store printer. Calls to action are behavior-based to positively influence patients’ behavior at the optimal time (first fill, refill, between fill, lapsed). Store branding drives loyalty.

    • PharmacistCare delivers customized educational messages (clinical, dispensing, inventory and patient counseling recommendations) are delivered via the in-store printer without disrupting the dispensing workflow.

    • Value Adds help cross-merchandise and drive awareness for in-store events, offers, clinics and more.

    • MedGuides educate patients so that they have the confidence to take their medication safely and effectively.

    • ComplianceCare Report Cards are personalized tools for use by the pharmacist to engage with the patient about their medications to understand issues and obstacles to adherence, and collaborate to create solutions.

    • ConsumerCare delivers national brands’ consumer health offers and coupons for health and personal care products to patients at the point-of-sale. Messaging encourages continued use and loyalty. Also available via custom coupon gallery/online savings portal.
    Helping Pharmacists Build Stronger Bonds with Patients to Improve Health—While Increasing Store Revenue

    To learn more about the tools in the PDR Retail Toolkit, contact PDR Sales today.